Company Profile
The O'Laughlin Corporation is widely recognized for its legacy of producing natural and synthetic aroma chemicals and ingredients for the Flavor and Fragrance industry. We take great pride in providing next generation ingredient innovations through sophisticated research and production efficiencies while prioritizing the preservation of our eco-system. Our unrelenting standards and dedication to supply chain solutions demonstrate our resolve in ensuring continuous supply of existing and innovative new products while safeguarding the health and safety of our community and maintaining our respect for the environment.

Strategically located in the East and West, O'Laughlin is in a unique position to benefit our clientele through our rich understanding of both local and global market demands and changing protocols. Through this insight, we are not simply able to react, but to anticipate shifting market dynamics. Efficiency, consistency, and creativity are the hallmarks of a partnership with O'Laughlin.
Privately owned since its inception, O'Laughlin Corporation is recognized for industry leadership in offering ingredients produced through a diverse range of technologies and servicing our customers on a fully global basis. Over the course of four decades, O'Laughlin has established operations and offices across the globe. Our expansion continues through tactical joint ventures and production partnerships, along with wholly owned subsidiaries.

Shared headquarters in Hong Kong and Shanghai with key satellites in Japan, Europe and the US, allow us to remain fully engaged and aligned with changing local legislation, shifting market regulations, evolving consumer tastes and trends, and innovation in processes and technologies. It is this informed approach that fosters O'Laughlin's ingredient expertise and supply chain savvy. This, coupled with the unrivaled ability to navigate the intricacies of conducting business across cultures and borders, has established O'Laughlin's commanding presence in the Flavor and Fragrance industry.
CEO Michael Frederick O'Laughlin
What began in 1980, still holds true. Founder and CEO, Michael O'Laughlin sensed an opportunity. A scholar, a lawyer, and a visionary, he predicted that consumers worldwide would seek out new dimensions in scent and flavor sensations. And that the Flavor and Fragrance industry would in turn need to deliver on these expectations. Michael recognized the need for novelty, as well as reliable and cost-effective supply and production solutions. He could foresee that consumers would crave experiences in scent, taste, and texture. Nearly 40 years later, O'Laughlin continues to pride itself on providing aromatic and taste sensations, creatively and reliably. The O'Laughlin mission is resolute: to satisfy its customers and consumers through the latest innovations in chemical synthesis of molecules, botanicals production and sourcing, and supply chain sophistication. Michael O'Laughlin remains actively involved in operations, innovation, sourcing and servicing, with the promise to continuously exceed our customers' expectations.
Jackie O'Laughlin
Michael's passion and business acumen is mirrored in his daughter, Jackie O'Laughlin, General Manager of China operations. While Jackie manages multiple factories and production partnerships, she is keenly dedicated to sustainability and corporate responsibility integration company-wide. On the pulse and on the ground, she brings both trend savvy and everyday appreciation for people, process, and innovation. Jackie embodies the values and dedication that are the foundation of the O'Laughlin Corporation and brings a modern sensibility and vision for its future.
O'Laughlin Corporation offers a palette of flavor and fragrance materials, functional ingredients, extracts and naturals, including Chinese botanicals. Our flavor compendium ranges from savory to confectionary, umami and sensates, to suit a range of culinary styles and sensory effects in food and beverage. For fragrance, the selection includes a breadth of natural and fine chemicals that deliver olfactive impact. O’Laughlin also offers active ingredients for use in cosmeceuticals, beauty, personal care, home care and hygiene.

O’Laughlin was founded with a passion for discovery. Innovation is at the core of our continuously expanding collection of sustainable, performant, efficacious and affordable ingredients. O’Laughlin has earned its distinction as the source for reliable value and superiority in flavor and fragrance materials.